Truths from God's Word

The truth of the Bible is powerful and life-changing. For this reason we offer two expressions of worship to maximize our one mission of connecting people to Jesus. We invite you to check out both of our services and join us in a conversation about Jesus. 

Words to Live By from the Sermon on the Mount

A Better Way. The difference Jesus makes. Emphasize that what Jesus is teaching here is only available to those who admit they are “poor in spirit” see Matt. 5:3. When we acknowledge that we can’t do life without God’s help, it opens us up to a better way of living. The Sermon on the Mount is first descriptive before it is prescriptive. It describes what a Christian is before he states what a Christian should do. Words to build a life on from the best sermon ever preached!



#3 "What God Values " Danny Curry June 17, 18
#2 "More Than A Feeling " David Woods June 10, 18
#2 "More Than A Feeling " Mike Canny June 10, 18
#1 "Blessed " Jud Weece June 03, 18

Sermon Notes

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